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WorldNetDaily has provided a much-needed counterbalance to the one-sided, dishonest and ever more unhinged fake news media for over two decades. During that time, we have broken many huge stories, defended the Constitution, championed Americans’ God-given rights, boldly upheld the sanctity of life, exposed corruption and abuse, and endeavored to fulfill the Founding Fathers’ notion of a truly free press. In fact, WND’s motto since 1997 has been “A Free Press for a Free People.” Today, with freedom of speech and the press under fierce and relentless assault by the Left – from the Big Tech internet gatekeepers, to the elite media, to “woke” corporations, to far-left academia, to the increasingly vicious “cancel culture” – it is crucial that WND’s loyal readers, who appreciate and value our work, partner with us. Become a WND Insider today!
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